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Meguro International Friendship Association supports regional activities by volunteers and promotes international exchange
between foreign and Japanese residents to help foreign residents better adapt to life in Meguro City.

Let's Take Part in MIFA Activities !

Activities Name of Groups Contents
Those who want to introduce their home country cuisine to Meguro residents¡¡¢Í International Cooking Class
We look for lecturers who can teach how to cook their national dishes.
Those who want to work as a volunteer using your language ability ¢Í Foreign Language
You can be a volunteer instructor to talk about your country and give language lessons.
Interpretation and Translation Interpreters and translators must understand Japanese. Contents are about administrative services of Meguro City and the activities of MIFA.
Those who could proofread foreign-language compositions written by Japanese¡¡¢Í Proofreading
Eligibility: Native speakers of English.
Documents to be proofread: leaflets, posters, monthly letters from MIFA,¡¡Meguro Living Guide, Meguro Disaster Prevention Manual, or other announcements from Meguro City Office
Those who could update the MIFA English site on a regular basis  Website Volunteers   Eligibility: foreign residents who have opinions and advices to our website.
How to advise: to send e-mail or attend meeting with website volunteers who update the site once a week.
Those who want to work as a volunteer in a group with Japanese people¡¡¢Í Festivals
Volunteers plan and run festivals and Japanese Speech Gatherings, which are held every year.
Other Activities¡¡¢Í Group Members¡¡of¡¡MIFA
We will introduce to you the groups which are pursuing activities related to international friendship in Meguro City, and who organize programs for foreign residents.
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