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MIFA organizes various events to introduce foreign culture several times a year.
Lecturer for "Introducing Foreign Culture"wanted!
Do you want to introduce your culture to Japanese?
Cooking, talking session, language lesson, singing or dancing...
If you have any idea to present your culture, please let us know!
Please send e-mail to MIFA for details: info@mifa.jp

Introduction to Bolivia
Time: Oct. 28 (Sat.) , 2017 10:00-12:00AM
Place: MIFA
Presentor: Ms. Sylvie Bruckner
Content: ¡¦About Bolivia (geography, ethnic groups, tourism, food)
¡¦Bolivian music
¡¦Friendship Tea party (with Bolivian sweets and drinks)
Participants: 43 in total: Japanese* 41, non-Japanese*2

Introduction to Sri Lankan Culture
Time: June 17 (Sat.) , 2017 10:00-12:00AM
Place: MIFA
Presentor: Mr. Prabhath Samindra
Content: ¡¦About Sri Lanka (geography, ethnic groups, religions)
¡¦Sri Lankan nature and food
¡¦Tea party (with sweets)
Participants: 30 in total: Japanese* 27, non-Japanese*3


Tour to Yebisu Beer Memorial Museum
Staff of the museum kindly explained the history of Yebisu Beer and how to brew it, and let us taste freshly brewed beer.
Time: Aug.20 (Sat.) 13:50-14:30
Place: Yebisu Beer Memorial Museum ¡ÊEbisu Garden Place, 4-20-1, Ebisu, Shibuya-ku¡Ë
1. Introduction to the history of Yebisu Beer
2. Tasting of beer (up to two glasses)
Participants: 8 Korea*1 Philippines*1 Taiwan*1 Thailand*1 Japan*4


Introduction to Nepalese Life and Culture
Time: May 14 (Sat.), 2016 10:00-12:00AM
Place: MIFA
Content: Introduction to Nepalese Life and Culture
Lecturer: Ms. Yoshiha ITOH (a former JICA staff member who worked at Nepal)
Participants: 20 in total (Japanese*19 / non-Japanese*1 Taiwan*1)

Raise Awareness over Halal Culture
Recently the number of Muslim tourists and residents is on the rise and people have increasingly paid attention to halal culture. Indonesian Muslim Association in Japan kindly explained l halal culture.
The content of Q&A was solid. Indonesian Community kindly prepared delicious halal food, sold halal products, and even dressed female attendees in Indonesian Muslim costumes. Participants enjoyed halal food.
Female attendess enjoyed try-on Muslim Costumes. They spent worthwhile time with Indonesian communtiy.
Time: Oct.17 (Sat.) 13:30- 15:30
Place: MIFA
Content: 1) Explanation of halal culture / Q&A Tasting and Sale of Halal Food
Lecturer: Mr. Fatahuddin Tamrin, member of Indonesian Muslim Association in Japan
¡¦ Explanation about Indonesian Muslim Association in Japan (KMII)
¡ÊMr. Isman Bazar, KMII chairman of Economic and Social Culture¡Ë
¡¦Explanation about Halal Culture
¡ÊFatahuddin Tamrin, staff of Indonesian Muslim Association in Japan¡Ë
¡¦Tasting/Sale of Halal food
¡¦Number of Participants¡§30¡ÊIndonesian Community:10/Japanese:20¡Ë
¡¦Dressing in Indonesian Muslim Clothes

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