Meguro International Friendship Association (MIFA), established by Meguro City in October 1992. 2012,marked its 20th anniversary in 2012.

MIFA 20th Anniversary Festival°°1400 People Visited the Festival°™

MIFA 20th Anniversary Festival, which was held at Meguro Persimmon Hall and Meguro Kumin Campus Park on Feb.3° Sun.°ň10:00-16:00, was attended by
1400 visitors including 200 international residents.

Six restaurants located in Meguro City sold international food to visitors.

At the Main Hall Foyer were conducted Sale/Display of Food/Products as well by 9 embassies (offering friendship with visitors), Ikebana, Disaster Awareness, Sale of Mexican Coffee, Amusement for Children (Art Balloon making, Face Painting, Origami, Chegi-Chagi, Lego°ň,Mini-Japanese Conversation Salon, Japanese Calligraphy, MIFA and Photo Display.

At the Main Hall Stage were performed a 20th Anniversary Ceremony honoring 16 volunteers who have contributed to MIFA activities for a long time, Japanese Relay Talk by International Residents, Japanese Harp Performance, Introduction of foreign countries by staff members of four embassies located in Meguro City, and a presentation regarding Japaense Animation.

Visitors enjoyed international food and had an enjoyable friendship with people from around the world.

Thank you for your visit!

°„Meguro Kumin Campus Park°š

Food of the World

Eco Station

°„Main Hall Foyer at Meguro Persimmon Hall°š



Eco Station

Disaster Awareness

Drink Corner

Exchance with Embassies

Children Corner

Children Corner
Children Corner

Children Corner

°„Main Hall Foyer (2F)°š

MIFA Exhibition

Japanese Callilgraphy

Mini Japanese Conversation Salon


MIFA 20th Anniversary Ceremony

Relay Talk in Japanese by International Residents

Relay Talk in Japanese by International Residents

Performance of Japanese Harp

Introduction to Foreing Countries (Embssiesa°ň

Introduction to Foreing Countries (Embssiesa°ň

"Anime" allies Japan and the World

"Anime" allies Japan and the World

Commemorating its 20th anniversary, MIFA is going to do the following activities:

£Ī°ňCompilation of "10-year history of MIFA"
£≤°ňHonoring volunteers
£≥°ňMIFA 20th Anniversary Festival° °ķSee its guidlines°ň 

MIFA 20th Anniversary Festival poster°™

pdf file is here (:486kb)°£
MIFA 20th Anniversary Festival time table°™

pdf file is here (:358kb)°£

 °„Gist of MIFA 20th Anniversary Festival°š   
Time : Feb.3 (Sun.), 2013   
Venue : Main Hall at Meguro Persimmon Hall / Meguro Campus Park  
Purpose : £Ī°•To get Meguro Citizens to know MIFA through its activities
£≤°•To deepen mutual understanding among people from around the world.  
Organized by : Meguro International Friendship Association (MIFA)  
Sponsors : Weider in Jelly POKKA SAPPOROFOOD & BREWERIES Ltd. SAPPORO BEVERAGE Co., Ltd. Haagen-Dazs Japan, Inc.  
Co-organized by : Meguro City, ECOLIFE MEGURO  

   °„Main Hall Stage°š
Stage-program Area
10:00-10:50 MIFA 20th Anniversary Ceremony
11:00-11:40 Relay Talk in Japanese by international residents
12:00-12:40 Performance of a Japanese harp
13:00-14:40 Introduction to foreign countries° Embassies:
Azerbaijan, Kenya, Kyrgyz, Poland)
15:00-15:40 °»Anime°… allies Japan and the World°™
Exchange Area Part 1    °„Main Hall Foyer 1£∆°š
Food & Products Area
Amusements for Children
Taiwanese° Food°ň
Djibouti Embassy (Food/Products)
Kenyan Embassy° Display°ň
Gabonese Embassy° Display°ň
Nepalese Embassy° Products°ň
Sudanese Embassy° Products°ň
Azerbaijan Embassay ° Food/Products°ň
Kyrgyz Embassy° Products°ň
Uzbek Embassy° Products°ň
Polish Embassy° Food/Products°ň
Japanese Food° Rice Balls°ň

 °„Main Hall Foyer 2F°š
Exchange Area Part 2
°„Meguro Kumin Campus Park°š 
World Food Area 
Chinese Food
Indonesian Food
Turkish Food
Sri Lankan Food
Thai Food
Japanese Food(Oden)
MIFA Photo Exhibition
Mini-Japanese Conversation Salon
Japanese Calligraphy 

Managed by :   MIFA 20th Anniversary Festival Committee  
°„Int'l Presenters for MIFA 20th Anniversary Festival Wanted!°š NEW!
 Two types of int'l persenters who could kindly introduce as a volunteers
int'l culture to visitors.

1. Drink Corner
Int'l volunteers who could kindly brew overseas coffee/tea and sell it to visitors are wanted.
The coffee/tea will be sold to visitors and the revenue will be used
to enrich programs for int'l friendship organized by MIFA.

2. Amusements for Children
Int'l volunteers who could kindly introduce int'l amusements for kids to visitors are wanted.

Please inform MIFA of your name, nationality, address, phone number, email address,
and your preferred activity.

°„Volunteers Wanted°š 
 Volunteers who could help organized the festival are wanted.
Your application/inquiry would be very much appreciated.

Types of Volunteers
°°£Ī°•Prepartionn Staff°ßwho could atttend the Committee meetings and help organize the festival on Feb.3
°°£≤°•Support staff°ßwho could attend either Jan.19 or Jan 26 meeting and support festival operation on Feb.3.  

Main Volunteer Activities°ß

°°£Ī°•Concierge°ßgive directions to and answer inquiries from visitors
°°£≤°•Booths°ßOperate Food Sales and Display/Sales of Products
°°£≥°•Record°ßTake photos and shoot videos Photographers and Video Shooters
  Photographing and Video Shooting Volunteers Wanted!
Why not take photos or shoot videos of the MIFA 20th Anniversary Festival?

Time°ß Feb.3 (Sun.) 10:00-16:00
Place°ßMain Hall at Meguro Persimmon Hall / Meguro Citizens Campus Park
°°°°° 1-1-1 Yakumo, Meguro-ku; 7 min. walk from Toritsudaigaku Station°ň
Eligibility°ßThose who possess a digital camera or a digital video camera
Activity°ßTake photographs or shoot videos of what's going on in the festival.
Intelectual property of data taken: belongs to MIFA
Use of valuable data taken°ßis to be used for MIFA website and so forth.  

°°£ī°•Stage°ßOperate Stage Programs
°°£Ķ°•Foyer Exchange°ßOperate introduction to World cultures and operate exchange programs.

How to apply for a volunteer°ß

Inform MIFA of your name, nationality, address, phone number, email address, types of volunteers, and your preferred volunteer activities.

ʮIf you would like to be a preparation volunteer, please also let MIFA know if you could attend the 1st Committee meeting to be held as below.