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■12th MIFA International Exchange Festival

Volunteers are wanted for the festival taking place at Meguro Persimmon Hall on Feb.5 (Sun.) 2017.

Groups who could perform at the festival are wanted.
Note: Application deadline is Nov.2 (Wed.).
●Application has been closed.
★★★ Try and Present Taiwanese Tea Culture★★★
Please inform MIFA if you are interested in presenting to visitors how
Taiwanese enjoy tea. ※Tea utensils are available at MIFA.
●Click here for details!(請按這里!)→PDF file

Please give your preferred type of volunteer and activity.

★Let's make a gorgeous festival flyer!
MIFA is looking for volunteers skillful in using Adobe Illustrator who could kindly help design
flyers (A4, B4) for the festival.
Please contact MIFA if you are interested in it.

○Types of Volunteers
Committee Members: to attend Festival committee meetings and Support Volunteers: to help
organize the festival on Feb.5
※Please register yourself as a member of MIFA prior to the festival.

○Festival Committee Meetings
Oct.8, Nov.5, Dec.3, Jan.14/21/28(Sat.) 10:00-12:00AM ※Venue: MIFA
★1st Committee meeting: Oct. 8 (Sat.)10-12A.M.

*Concierge (Guide visitors around the venue)
*Booth (Interaction with embassy staff, stamp rally, and Eco-stations)
*Record (Shoot videos and take photos)
*Japanese Traditional Culture (Ikebana, Tea Ceremony, Kimono, GO,
and Calligraphy)
*Disaster Awareness
*Drink Corner ※Revenue will be used to support MIFA activities.
*Interaction with embassy staff
*Writing System (Help visitors to learn writing system of languages)
*Mini-Japanese Conversation Salon
*Volunteer Party Team: Help organize the party
*Stage:Help organize programs at Main Hall Stage
*Display of Photos of MIFA activities
*Booths of International cooperation/Friendship Organizations
*Amusement for Children
(Introduce how to play games, etc. to visitors)
Apply: Inform MIFA via email (info@mifa.jp) of
your MIFA membership No., name, nationality,
name of the school you are enrolled in, and phone number.

■Gist of the Festival
Name of the event:The 12th MIFA Int'l Exchange Festival
1)To make residents of Meguro City better familiar with MIFA
2) To deepen international friendship and mutual understandings
*Date: 10:00-16:00 on February 5 (Sun.), 2017
*Theme: Go Meet Friends from around the World!
*Main Hall at Meguro Persimmon Hall(1ー1ー1, Yakumo, Meguro-ku)
*Meguro Kumin Campus Park(1ー1ー12, Yakumo, Meguro-ku)
*Organized by: Meguro International Friendship Association(MIFA)
*Co-organized by: Meguro City, Eco-life Meguro Promotion Association
*Managed by: The 12th MIFA International Exchange Festival Committee
*Volunteers: Preparation Staff (50)/Support Staff (150) Total:200
Sponsors:to be decided
Programs:to be decided
1) Meguro Kumin Campus Park(10:30ー16:00)
2) Main Hall at Meguro Persimmon Hall
<Foyer 1F>(10:30ー16:00)
<Foyer 2F>(10:30ー16:00)
<Small Hall (B1F)>(10:30ー16:00)
<1st Practice Room (B1F)>
<Rehearsal Room (B1F)>

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Game of GO

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