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Meguro Riverside Festival

* The 44th Riverside Festival (2007)
Eight embassies located in Meguro had a booth where their ethnic clothes and artifacts are displayed.
The two-day festival was full of global colors.
Date & Time: July 28 (Sat.) - 29 (Sun.) 2007
Place: Meguro Kumin (Citizens) Center <MAP> (2-4-36, Meguro) Ten min. walk from JR Meguro Station.

Date : Time Events Place
July 28(Sat.)

Openning Ceremony Meguro Kumin (Citizens) Center Hall
July 28(Sat.)
The Annual Japanese Speech Gathering by Foreign Residents 2007 Meguro Kumin (Citizens) Center Hall
July 28-29
Exhibition by embassies located in Meguro
Bangladesh, Egypt, Gabon, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Kyrgyz, Poland and Uzbekistan.
Exhibition Floor, 2F
(Kinro Fukushi Kaikan Bldg.)
Sales of Kenyan and Egyptian food (Courtyard £±F)

Meguro Citizens Festival
The Meguro Citizens Festival is held at the International Exchange Plaza every year in the fall.
This festival was run by the citizens of Meguro City.
Excitement over the festival was high, the booths run by the embassies were very well received by the enthusiastic crowd.
Starting in 1996, ethnic food and artifacts were sold at booths and attractions were performed on stages at Meguro Citizens Festival mostly in September annually.
* Welcome to "Omatsuri-hiroba" at Meguro Citizens Festival 2007!
Embassies and international organizations in and in the vicinity of Meguro will present stage performance and sell products. Please join us ! (Read Sept.1 issue of Monthly Meguro for the whole event.)

Time: September 16 (Sun.) 10:00-16:00 (2007)
Place: Meguro Citizens Center (2-4-3, Meguro, Meguro City)

- International Participants -
Organization Booth Performance
Embassy of Kenya Sell samosa, etc.
Korean Residents Union Sell chijimi, kimuchi, etc.
Embassy of Argentine Sell meatpie, hotdog, etc. Argentine Tango
Sri Lanka Student Association Sell tea and sweets
Associations of Jamaicans in Japan Sell grilled chicken, etc. Reggae performance
Meguro Tavern Sell beer
Embassy of Kyrgyz Republic Sell artifacts, etc.
Associations of Jamaicans in Japan Sell grilled chicken, etc. Reggae performance
MIFAN Sell Indonesian food and coffee
Embassy of Egypt Sell pita sandwiches, etc.

¢¨ Other than the events above, following will be conducted: give away of saury (sanma), sale of local products at Dendo Hiroba Park; a mini SL at Shimomeguro elementary school; and pictures drawn by elementary school pupils to be presented on the promenade along Meguro River. Shuttle bus service will be available from several places in Meguro to the venue.

- Performance Schedule -
11:00- Japanese drums 11:20- Berry dance,Playing w/ rescue dogs
11:30- Japanese drums 11:40- Child Kung-fu
11:50- Dance 12:00-
Japanese folk dance
12:10- Dance, Okinawa drums "Eisaa"
Comic monologue ¡ÈMeguro¡Çs samma¡É
12:30- Belly dance
12:50- Awa dance
13:20- Sign language dance 13:10- Traditional Japanese dance
13:40- Polynesian Show 13:30- Nersery Rhymes
14:00- Komuz, Jew's harp 13:50- Folk dance
14:20- Dance 14:20- Square dance
14:40- Hura dance 14:40-
15:00- Cheerleading 15:00-
15:20- Dance

15:40- Argentine Tango

* Report of ¡ÈOmatsuri-hiroba¡É at Meguro Citizens Festival 2006
Favored by fine weather, a lot of people visited the venue and enjoyed our food and drinks. Sale of food and artifacts as well as performances by international groups including embassies appealed to the audience. Thanks go to volunteers who helped interpret at booths and stages, and at MIFA booth in their extra time.

Programs are subject to change. Refer to the following site for the latest pragrams.
As parking area is limited, you are kindly requested to use public transportation to get to the venue.
Seven minutes from Toritsudaigaku Station on Tokyo Toyoko Line

Bus: Take¡Î½Â34¡ÏShibuya Station through Tokyo-iryo Center,
¡Î¹õ07¡ÏMeguro Station through Tsurumaki-eigyosho,¡Î¿Ëà01¡ÏTamagawa Station through Tokyo-iryo Center,
or ¡ÎÅÔΩ01¡ÏToritsudaigaku-kitaguchi though Seijogakuen-mae, and get off at ¡ÈMeguro-kumin Campus¡É

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