Let's Learn Classical Japanese Theater "Noh"!

<Let's Learn Classical Japanese Theater "Noh"!>
■Noh--Discover Tradition vol.3  
A rare chance to experience the power of noh firsthand, on stage and off.
Date: Oct.9 (Mon.) 13:00- (The door opens at 12:30)
Place: Kita Noh Theater (4-6-9, Kamiosaki, Shinagawa-ku)
Discover the power of noh traditions by participating in this special performance workshop featuring its core elements: utai (chant) and hayashi (instruments). This event culminates in a full presentation of the classic noh Tsuchigumo.
<Part 1>Workshop(13:00〜)
Chanting; playing flutes and large/small drums; trying-on noh attires
<Part 2>Noh "Tsuchigumo"(15:15〜)
Interpretation: available in English
Participants: 13 in total Bolivia*1 Indonesia*2 Kazakhstan*2 Spain*1 Japan*1 Taiwan*1 USA*4

The lecturer explained to the 14 int'l particinats the history and making of Noh using
a DVD and slides. He was asked various questions such as "What is the difference
between Noh and Kabuki?"
Participants then learned how to sing and dance under instrcution of the lecturer,
and deepened their interest in Noh.
Time: Oct.5(Sat.)13:30-16:00
Place: MIFA
Lectureer: Mr. Yasuhiko FUJITA (SHITE at Komparu School; a member of the Nohgaku Performers' Association)
 ・Explanation of the making of Noh
 ・Experience Noh singing
 ・Experience Noh dancing
Interpreation Available in English)
Int'l Participants:14 (Canada*1 China*2 France*1 Germany*1 Italy*1 Kazakhstan*1 Kyrgyz*1 Poland*1Thailand*4 Vietnam*1